It consists of a range of products that can meet the needs of the industry, cars and motorcycles (including for racing cars ), earthmoving, agricultural, marine and more. From spray fat to unblocking, our products are suitable not only to industry but also to all domestic applications . At this time it is the widest range on the market.

PTFE Lubricant 400 ml

Creates a lubricating, transparent film that prevents dirt from depositing. Particularly suited fo..

10.00 лв. Ex Tax: 10.00 лв.

Thermal Shock Unlocking 400 ml

A new product for the removal of persistent and stratified rust; high penetrating and lubricating ..

7.50 лв. Ex Tax: 7.50 лв.

Unblocking 400 ml

Penetrating synthetic fluid with a high solvent and releasing power, it facilitates the releasing ..

7.00 лв. Ex Tax: 7.00 лв.

XT-10 in 1

Spray 10 functions with the dispensing valve 360°: unlocking, protective, lubricating, penetrating..

12.00 лв. Ex Tax: 12.00 лв.

XT-10 in 1 MP

Spray 10 functions : unlocking, protective, lubricating, penetrating, degreasing, high temperature..

11.00 лв. Ex Tax: 11.00 лв.

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